Co-net an artist community that hosts residences around contemporary visual art. Our mission is to create a dynamic and collaborative community that brings together artists and international cultural organizations within the Valencian Community.



Co-net is a non-profit organization that wants to act as a platform that promotes artistic and cultural exchanges, in which both artists and organizations or people from the field of art, education and / or culture, international participate.

The objective is to create spaces that favor collaboration, discovery, creation, and of course the interaction and dissemination of contemporary visual art. These spaces are created around artistic residences that are born of agreements with different institutions that want to favor contexts of experimentation and innovation.


The international character of CO-NET is compatible with the local level since it seeks in each project that its participants have an active role in the development and cultural promotion in the locality or community in which they act, with the desire to participate, to through art, in a positive social transformation.



Belgian artist living in London, Master of Fine Arts at UAL London. Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Brighton. Co-founder of the Contemporary Fine Arts Society of Hastings. She has worked at the London College of Communication, as a Student Engagement Assistant. Co-founder of Vpoc platform focused on virtual reality.

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Valencian artist living in London. Bachelor in Business Administration at UJI and second degree in Fine Arts at UPV. Master's in Marketing and Commercial Management at ESIC. Master's of Fine Arts at the UAL London. More than 10 years of professional experience in marketing and sales in the pharmaceutical sector. As an artist he has worked on projects and residences in Beijing, Iceland, Austria, London, Valencia and Castellón. He has also participated in international festivals, his work has been exhibited in more than 10 countries.

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Specialized in Development of People and Organizations, Leadership and Diversity. With international experience in Spain, China and the United Kingdom. Currently, taking a master's degree in Global Ethics and Human Values at the King's College of London. Facilitator of Mindfulness and Cultivating Emotional Balance. Master in HR and business organization, ESIC. Master in Hospitality Management, Cornell University. Degree in History University of Valencia. Founder of www.conkalma.com.

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Plastic artist who works the confluences between photography and sculpture, using the photographic image as a material within sculptural processes.Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona completed his Postgraduate Degree at the Polytechnic University of Valencia

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Daniel is a sociologist, manager and cultural producer, coordinator of the UJI photography classroom from 2001 to 2012, director of the festival "Imaginaria, Fotografía en Primavera" from 2003 to 2018. His work focuses on the design, coordination and management of events related to exhibitions / photography collections and the dissemination of photographic work by national and international artists at events such as the Imaginaria festival in association with the Universitat Jaume I, or Reflexiva, a photography exhibition based in Vila-real. His projects, which take the form of courses, workshops, conferences and conferences, investigate the importance that photography and audiovisual communication have in today's society.

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Rodrigo's work explores the role of stories in our evolutionary line and the adaptive nature of storytelling and storytelling. More specifically, it seeks to interpret patterns and symbols that are historically repeated through stories in cultures around the world; find special interest in the structures of mythology and other meta-narratives. He seeks to use this knowledge to elucidate the role of storytelling in the digital landscape and propel it into the future.

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American designer and software developer living in london. Bachelor in economics - minors in computer science & theatre - at The George Washington University. Master's in Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College of Arts - UAL. In his independent work Miles' uses design and software development to create experiences that help inform and challenge narratives around race and culture in America. 

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