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Reuniendo a residentes, artistas invitados e instituciones, Co-net busca construir una comunidad colaborativa en la que todos tengan voz.



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Doctor en Bellas Artes por la UB. Artista visual y profesor del Departamento de Artes Visuales del Grado en Artes y Diseño de la Escuela Massana deBarcelona (Adscrita a la UAB), profesor colaborador de grado de Arte, UOC.Eduardo Valderrey basa su trabajo en las interferencias entre la arquitectura, la identidad y las relaciones del espacio urbano con el territorio.

Realiza proyectos híbridos donde se mezcla la fotografía, el vídeo y la escultura en una síntesis con el espacio expositivo proponiendo intervenciones en el espacio que tienen como propósito crear arquitecturas dentro de otras arquitecturas y donde se originan y perciben relecturas de la imagen expandida


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El objeto de mi trabajo se centra en lo inanimado, pero no como algo ajeno a la humanidad, sino precisamente como un residuo de su acción. El germen de la mayoría de mis trabajos es la actitud con la que habito mis lugares comunes (mi barrio, sus calles), una especie de estado de alerta pasiva que busca siempre el punto donde lo cotidiano se ve modificado.


Rachael (b.1995) Mansfield, Nottinghamshire lives and works in Peckham, London. A graduate from Camberwell College of Arts, where she completed a degree in Fine Art photography. Rachael continues to practice as an artist, engaging in performative, site-specific works for the camera. Interests are rooted in the belief that language, laughter, and play can create interactions that are poignant and universally significant.
As a working gardener interested in our landscape and conserving our natural heritage, Rachael’s practice has a subtle environmental commentary. As of 2019, Rachael has returned to education to study Arboriculture. From a working-class heritage and a labourer herself, the work is often found
within the process. With intent and action in all endeavours, the making is equally if not more important than the final record.


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I have never studied architecture, but this is a very common question whenever I show my work. Indeed, the investigation about urban environment is very recurrent in my production. I like to observe how architecture and urban planning can affect people´s lives and behaviors. I am interested about the cities´ growth, the changes in the landscape, cultural identity and the late signs of colonization in a globalized world. I realized that each city has a direct influence on my creative process, so understanding how the environment leads me to work in a specific manner is a fundamental part of my research in a broader way. From those interests, photography emerged as a natural means. A medium that allows me to catalog, compare, reorganize, interfere, cut and paste the everyday life and, by so, expanding the perception. I like also to work with artist´s books, collage and video. Perhaps because of the direct relation with perception, color is another strong axis in my production, appearing in different series either as a theme itself or as a way to create connections and narratives within the subject. My approach to photography is very different according to each project. I sometimes manipulate pictures, sometimes I use it in a very straight way. I am interested in playing with perception, so tensioning the medium to its limits is something I am always looking forward to achieving as well.

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