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Bringing together residents, visiting artists, and institutions, Co-net seeks to build a collaborative community in which everyone has a voice.




Rafael's artistic process is deeply influenced by the recognition of new literary forms, his projects linked through the platform of self-publishing, a concept that derives from do it yourself culture, used by subcultures with a lot to express but with low visibility and resources. His publications are interested in covering the individual and collaborative perspective, he explores print techniques and distribution media to generate audiences through cultural strategies and suggest the necessary conditions for dialogue between authors, readers and objects.

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Nora's practice is based on sensation and observation. She observes perspectives as viewpoint as well as in the architectural meaning of the term. Examining the legacy of our past and its impact on our present, and vice versa provides the fundamental context of her current art practice. Photographs, paper and ink are her primary tools in various forms. She often works with multiple print methods such as photolithography, letterpress or risograph. The core focus of her interests are based on construction and disarrangement within words, characters and places.

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Born in 1978, Lucie Jean lives and works in Paris and Bagnolet. Graduate from Ecole Estienne in 1999 and Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-arts de Paris in 2003, she took part in various residencies in Quebec, Finland, Japan and in Island. Her photographic work is essentially based on the inscriptions humans leave behind in nature with a predilection for aquatic elements. These aquatic elements give to her compositions – of a great formal rigueur- a strong feeling of unreality.

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Rita is a visual artist with a degree in Painting by the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal, currently living and working in London. Since completing her degree she has developed her practice around photography, video and installation. Currently Rita's focus of interest lives around the anthropological definition of Non-places (Marc Auge) and in the dichotomies associated with this concept: the full or empty, the volume and vacuum, disruption VS continuity, the presence and absence of one in such places/non-places and how our action can’t work over the space but instead respond to it.

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Maria is a visual artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. She has a Bachelor degree in drawing, completed at the faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon and a Masters in Art & Process of Contemporary Art accomplished in Crawford College – CIT, Cork, Ireland. The foundation of Marie's work considers the human body as an object, she aim to explore this by removing its concept and societal weight by treating it like a landscape or abstract composition. For Marie the human body is a work in progress from which she seeks to branch out of. Recently she has begun to develop a project looking at construction and quotidian compositions in comparison of the human body, using Polaroids.

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Miles’ work centers on race and cultural misunderstandings and invites interrogation in the sense that those who view it are prompted to interact with and reflect upon a story or concept within a broad context. He works with technology at the center of his practice due to its transformational ability. Reinterpreting objects and experiences using technical methods (oftentimes in conversation with more traditional processes) allows him to connect with others by creating new lines and forms of communication.

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